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NHL betting, welcome to the show! Understanding NHL Betting OddsWhether seasoned or new to the action, comprehension of NHL betting odds is vital for properly placing wagers from the sportsbook. The NHL, or National Hockey League, is one of the most exciting and electrifying sports leagues to watch due to the fast-paced, chippy nature of the game and constant action. Certainly, this provides a little extra thrill to the games for sure, but it can also be quite daunting unless you know exactly how different odds work Here in this guide, we take it all apart for you – NHL betting odds and everything else so when the time comes for you to get down on some action, you will be fully loaded and ready to win (be sure to check our helpful NHL betting tips).

Types of NHL Betting Odds

Types of NHL Betting Odds

NHL betting odds come in many forms to suit a variety of the types of bets that you’re likely to make. Type (with types you will understand)

Moneyline Odds

The Simplest and Most Common Form Of NHL Betting: Moneyline Odds In other words, you are picking the game victor. Because the probability of winning is also the odds that each team will have a chance. For favorites, they will be given negative odds (ie must bet $150 to win $100). Underdogs will have a plus sign in front of it (e.g., +130), where you win $130 if you bet $100 on underdogs. A popular betting line when a game is projected to be fairly balanced is the Moneyline, which is a straightforward approach.

Puck Line Odds

The puck line is much like a point-spread bet in other sports. NHL: Puck line is a which will almost always be -1.5 goals with odds associated with it. The favorite has to win by two goals or more while the underdog just needs to lose by one goal, or it has to win. Puck line bets have the potential to pay better than the Moneyline, but they also are riskier because you essentially have to account for goal differential.

Over/Under (Total) Odds

Over/Under bets are also known as Total bets and they involve betting the total number of goals that are both by all teams playing the match. The sportsbook will release a total with a market price (say 5.5 goals) and you can bet whether you believe the actual amount will be under or over that sum. The most common of these bets usually involves the total, because it comprises betting on the over/under, or the overall pace and scoring of the game.

Futures Odds

Futures bets are wagers based on events that happen years – or months – in the future like which team will win the Stanley Cup or which player will take home MVP honors. These bets have the potential to lead to big wins since it is difficult to predict outcomes that are so long away accurately. Futures odds will change frequently over the course of the season due to team play, injuries and other reasons.

Prop Bets

Proposition or prop bets are anything but that, random wagers on an event in a game to happen and my have zero bearing on the final outcome. Such include wagering on the number of goals a certain player will score, which team will score first and even the number of penalties in a game. Prop bets add extra excitement and give you a choice to bet on specific player performances as opposed to the overall game.

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How to Read and Interpret NHL Betting Odds

Being able to read and understand NHL betting odds is vital for making informed bets. Odds can be represented in one of three formats – American, Decimal or Fractional.

American Odds

The American system is the format common with betting in the United States. These are represented as Either positive or Negative numbers. Positive numbers indicate the profit that would be made on a $100 bet, while negative numbers show how much you need to stake in order to make a profit of $100. As an example, if the Edmonton Oilers had odds of +150 it would mean a $100 bet on them to win outright would return $150. With the Florida Panthers as another example, odds of -120 would require you to bet 120$ to win $100.

Decimal Odds

Common in Europe and Canada, Decimal Odds They show you how much you will win in total from a successful bet, including your original stake. To better understand, if you bet on the Edmonton Oilers at 2.50 odds in case of a win, you would be paid $250 ($100 stake and $150 profit). These odds are quite simple and that is why many bettors like to use decimal odds.

Fractional Odds

Fractional odds are more commonly used in the UK and Ireland. These are always fractions like 5/2 or 1/4 The numerator (top number) tells you how much money you will win on a bet for the amount of the denominator (bottom number). So, for example, the Florida Panthers odds could be 5/2 which would win you $5 on a $2 bet. If the odds are 1/4, you would have to wager 4 dollars to win a dollar. Fractional odds are a bit more difficult to read, but they clearly give you the same information as American and Decimal odds.

Factors Affecting NHL Betting Odds

Factors Affecting NHL Betting Odds

NHL betting odds can fluctuate rapidly based on a number of influencing factors. Some elements will definitely define the odds and your betting strategy; let’s see what they are

Team Performance & Stats

The general performance of the team and their statistics all play a big role in deciding betting odds. These teams are typically the ones with good offensive and defensive numbers high goal differentials and they have been winning consistently. On the other hand, teams that are underperforming in these areas are usually offered longer odds. Pay close attention to team performance trends as they can give you a few valuable hints for your bets.

Player Injuries and Lineups

NHL is no different as far as injuries go, and there are a few in particular that can strongly affect betting odds. When a key player is ruled out, it can result in a decreased probability for the team to win, which theoretically should mean better odds for their foes. It will allow you to have an idea on the current line-up of each team, along with player injury information (for the betting win).

Head-to-Head and Recent Form

Betting Odds Betting odds can be significantly impacted by a team’s recent form and how they have performed in their previous few games. When teams are on a winning streak, they tend to have better odds than if they were on a losing streak. It also highlights head-to-head records between teams. Teams, the first factor (historical advantage)

Home and Away Records

Home-ice advantage plays a big part in NHL betting. Home teams record better performances due to familiarity with the players’ environment, home support, and getting tired on having to travel far. Of course, not everyone is great on the road either. As for betting on NHL games, being aware of home records and away records might not automatically tell you which team is going to win straight-up, but it certainly gives you a good idea and likely allows you to beat the book.

Power play and Penalty Kill Special Teams

Special teams, whether that be your power play or penalty kill, can really dictate how a game goes. If the referees in your game are calling penalties and you have a potent power play, you can take control of the game with a quick strike. On the flip side, teams with high-percentage penalty kills are able to nullify power plays run by their opponents. By knowing the exact capabilities of each team’s special teams, you can get a better idea of what to expect when making a wager.

NHL Betting Strategies

NHL Betting Strategies

NHL betting is not just about guessing, it’s also about punting with a plan. We will explore key strategies that you can apply to your NHL betting to become a more successful bettor.

Money Management Tips

What we will consider first of all is money management. It is what makes betting viable. You have to sports Best Online Slots UK 2019, set a budget for your best and stick there to come back hell or high water. Consider it your gambling budget. Only bet within your means, Most of the time, only small percentages (1-2%) of the bank account are used to place bets so that even a long losing streak will not deplete funds. Boosting your bankroll or at least, keeps you from burning through everything in the span of a day. Betting is a long game, not a short one, and how you manage your money can determine how long you remain at the table.

Team Form and Stats into Analysis

In the case of NHL, game performance is also important when it comes to placing bets. To get these predictions included in the results, we just have to look at team information based on their latest performances. Have they been on a win streak or are they playing poorly? Dig deeper than scores and records. Take a look into their goal differential, power play efficiency, penalty kill efficiency and also how efficient they are at home vs. on the road etc. Much more than that – all these stats have the power to provide you with a better overview of some strengths and weaknesses of a team and, therefore help you make smarter bets.

Employing Advanced Metrics and Analytics

Over the last decade, advanced metrics and analytics have changed the way fans look at sports, including the NHL. Corsi and Fenwick might be advanced stats, but they provide a better clue to how well a team is playing. For instance, Corsi and Fenwick (shot attempts and unblocked shot attempts, respectively) allow us to infer puck possession and attacking pressure. PDO (shots % save%) gives some idea of the variation in luck or sustainability of performance. They are simply powerful tools that you can use to pinpoint some value between teams and make better bets.

Betting Against the Public

On the other hand, as other times it may pay off to go against the grain. In this soccer betting newsletter at Betting Kings, we are going to discuss “Betting Against the Public.” You get the point; Public bias/hype – Common bettors usually fall into the category of amateurs who base their decision on emotions or (surely professional) bias, something that can only warp odds. Because the public moves betting lines, you can sometimes find value on lines that are inflated (skewed too high) or deflated (too low). This is something of a contrarian strategy but can pay off big, especially when betting on marquee matchups with high levels of public interest.

In-Play Betting Strategies

Live betting, or in-play betting, lets you wager on the game as it happens. If you have a good feel for you a game or the teams/match involved, use it to your advantage and live bet your way through! Watch for momentum swings (i.e. one team goes on a large run, or a star player takes over) Things one can only see as a game is being played, not before the puck drops. But be careful to not bet on impulse. Focus on stopping losses, control your own leverage and only bet when you see your setup dumping.

Top NHL Betting Sites

Top NHL Betting Sites

One thing that can play a crucial role in all of this, is whether you have chosen the right platform for betting for NHL. We take a closer look at the best betting sites offering NHL markets specifically for fans of North American hockey.


If you have yet to sign up for a Bet365 account, then do so, as it provides all you need with regard to NHL matches at different rates and all the ways you can bet. Bet365 have everything you could need from Moneyline, puck line and prop betting. They also provide live in-game wagering for many of their sports.

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings DraftKings is one of the best sites on offer and if you are a fan of daily fantasy sports and betting then this is a good all-in-one option. The sportsbook variety of NHL betting markets comes with Futures and Player props offered by them. DraftKings – On a semi-regular basis, DK will have special promotions and bonuses with NHL games, which can help add some extra value to your wagers.

FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel FanDuel, like DraftKings, has an expansive selection of play options for NHL betting. This website is recognized for it’s simple-to-use and competitive odds. FanDuel: Live betting, prop bets. FanDuel also has live betting and a wide range of prop bets, making it an excellent option for those who want to wager on individual player performance and game events.

William Hill

Overall, William Hill is a great name in the betting market and a reliable platform to bet on NHL. All of them offer wide selection of pre-game and in-play betting, a variety of detailed statistics and handy insights to take to make better bts. Bet on the move with their user-friendly app.

How to Place a Bet on NHL Games

That may sound scary to you, but laying wagers on NHL contests is very simple once you do it a couple of times. This guide will help you get started.

Getting Started With Your First Bet

Pick a Betting Site: Start by choosing a trusted betting site such as Bet365, DraftKings, or FanDuel. Register and put some money.

Locate NHL Betting: After logging in, head to the sports section where you will find NHL betting. The majority of the site is reserved, similar to the NHL games.

Game- Pick a Game: Browse NHL games on the betting schedule where you can choose the contest you want to wager on.

Types of Bets to Choose: Choose on what kind of bet you would like to bet on. BetOnline.gg offers Moneyline, puck line, over/under or prop bets.

Place Your Stake: Enter the amount of money you want to bet. The potential payout would be displayed by the betting site itself based on the odds.

Here you will only need to confirm your bet;) (examine ur betting slip before that: blocking the available are with me)

Example Bets and Explanations

A Moneyline Bet: You bet $100 on the Edmonton Oiler to win at +150 odds. Ecosystem Partner Profile: Skyhook Helps Oilers Knock Out Sharks In OT – A great example of a successful IoT partnership with developers working under pressure to meet customer needs – or make sales.

Puck Line Bet: You wager $100 on the Florida Panthers to cover the puck line at -1.5 with +200 odds. If the Panthers win by more than two goals, you win $300 (your $100 stake plus a $200 profit).

Over/Under Wager: You bet $100 that the total goals is going to go over 5.5 in a game between the New York Rangers and any other team. If there are 6 or more goals scored over the course of two legs then, yes, you win.

Latest NHL Betting Trends and Insights

Latest NHL Betting Trends and Insights

Those who stay current with the most recent trends and insights will find themselves at a better position to wager intelligently on NHL games. We go over this years trends, expert analysis & what games to watch.

Current Season Trends

The NBA is experiencing a point boom this season, as nearly a third of the league now scores 110 points per game or more, after finishing last season with only nine teams achieving that threshold. This has resulted in more games going over the total goals. Moreover, it appears the home-ice advantage still holds true in a big way, as teams are winning at a higher rate on their own plate than perhaps ever before.

Analysis and Expert Picks

The Edmonton Oilers, who have been remarkably consistent, are another team the powers that be will be watching closely as well. The Florida Panthers, whose balanced offense and special teams play could lead to good things. Prognosticators expect those squads to be primed and ready for playoff contention later in the season.

Important Games and Storylines to Look out for

Several marquee match-ups are approaching where them gamblers should be watching. Nightly games between long-time foes such as the New York Rangers and New York Islanders will earn ample attention. Also, from a betting perspective, games featuring two top teams like the Edmonton Oilers and Florida Panthers, can be very good value.

NHL Betting Tools and Resources

Proper tools and resources will elevate your betting experience on NHL massively. Following are a few basic tools that one must include in their tool kit.

Odds Comparison Tools

These are in the form of odds comparison tools that enable you to compare the betting odds at different sportsbooks. This is to make sure that you get all what you want for your best bets. NHL Betting Odds ComparisonWebsites such as OddsChecker and BettingExpert cover all of the NHL games with detailed odds comparisons on their platforms.

Betting Calculators

Betting calculators: Bets can be entered into calculating tools that tell you potential payouts and the relative risk-reward of your plays. These in particular are valuable when it comes to more complicated bets such as parlays and teasers. Tsome Tools Such as BetCalc and Parlay Calculator.

Statistical Data Sets, Databases & Web Sites

Here, the ability to have detailed statistics as well as some historical data is essential for desirable betting. Places like Hockey-Reference, NHL. com, all three resources offer comprehensive statistical databases ranging from player statistics to statistical analysis tools based on team performance and historical data, respectively.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in NHL Betting

Common Mistakes to Avoid in NHL Betting

Those mistakes can even be made by experienced bettors. Avoid these pitfalls, and make your NHL betting experience as smooth much easier to be successful using these tips.

Overvaluing recent performance

The mistake most often made is putting too much stock in a team’s recent play. Though recent form matters, avoid letting a brief winning or losing streak dictate your wagers. Consider the full picture of season-long and underlying stats.

Ignoring Key Statistics

One is simply overlooking some important statistics that could really affect the result of a game. Factors such as power play efficiency, penalty kill percentage and goaltender performance matter. So continue to keep up with all the numbers and research prior to betting.

Betting with emotions

The NFL can be a really enjoyable exercise to bet on, however, it wants an intermixture of strategy, data and discipline. If you follow the strategies provided in detail within this guide and sign with the right sites and utilize optimal tools and resources, you are already on your way to becoming a successful NHL bettor. Be responsible, follow real-time statistics and never fall for classic errors. Happy betting!

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