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GGC x Citrix Panel Discussion

Press Announcement

Citrix Women x Greek Girls Code proudly presents the event “Tech for all: busting the myths” which will be held on Thursday Oct. 20 2022 at 16:00 pm.

The conference aims to introduce to the target audience alternative and traditional careers in tech and discuss key issues about diversity, career growth and tech in the future. We’re proud to include as the keynote speaker Myladie Stoumbou, Sr Regional Director, Partner Development for ISVs, Innovation & ScaleUps, Central & Eastern Europe @Microsoft and panel speakers Spyros Poulos, Business Intelligence Team Lead @ MarineTraffic, Dr. Matina Thomaidou, Senior Director of Customer Success @ wappier, Katerina Mougiou, EU Talent Acquisition Manager @ Mastercard, Eleftheria Marinou, Senior Software Engineer Intern Buddy @ citrix, Goga Lampropoulou, Senior Manager Technical Program Management @ citrix.


 Sr Regional Director, Partner Development for ISVs, Innovation & ScaleUps, Central & Eastern Europe @Microsoft

Myladie Stoumbou is an experienced digital executive, leader and strategist. She specializes in building and transforming global and diverse high performance teams, as well as in assisting businesses to leverage opportunities from 4th industrial revolution and current exponential technologies. She has worn many hats in her professional career – started as systems engineer and a programmer, developing into a digital technology and innovation evangelist and later into a regional executive. She has been working in multinational environments for many years and has a unique ability to manage multi-disciplinary projects, to navigate non-standard challenges and to solve complex problems. She is currently working as a regional director for Microsoft, and she goes beyond that. She supports digital entrepreneurship as a mentor for MIT Enterprise Forum in Greece and The People’s Trust. She is a women leadership advocate. Chair of Women in Business committee for Hellenic American Chamber of Commerce, and a mentor for Women Leadership Programme in European Innovation Center. She is an international keynote speaker addressing topics like leadership, future of work, diversity and inclusion, artificial intelligence and digital entrepreneurship. She has 3 TEDx talks and she is the author of many articles in LinkedΙn as well as many prestigious sites in Greece and abroad, incl. Huffpost. She is a wife, a mother, a traveler, a passionate photographer.


16:00 – 16:1010 minIntroductionsModerator: Effie & Lilian
16:10 – 16:4535 minKeynote SpeechMyladie Stoumbou: Lilian
16:45 – 17:0015 minQ&A for the Keynote SpeechEleni & Myladie Stoumbou
17:00 – 17:1515 minBreakEleni
17:15 – 17:5035 minShort Panel Talks (7-10’ each)Moderator: Lilian & Maria
17:00 – 18:501 hourPanel Discussion & Questions from audienceModerator & Panelists Lilian & Eleni ProvopouloEleni Citrix Q & A
18:50 – 19:0010 minClosureModerator: Lilian & Elena

Panelist 1

Katerina Mougiou (Maria)

Catherine is currently EU Talent Acquisition Manager at Mastercard. She has 9 years of experience in Recruiting across various countries and industries. Before Mastercard she was Lead Recruiter for Citrix, Tech Recruiting lead for Amazon EU Headquarters and Campus Recruiter at Nike France. Catherine is passionate about career development topics and arts. Finally, Catherine studied French language and modern studies at the University of Cyprus and pursued a Master’s degree in communications and human resources at the university of Paris XIII.

Matina Thomaidou (Lilian)

Dr. Matina Thomaidou is the Senior Director of Customer Success at wappier and Insights Thought Leader, heading the CS Department on enabling the success of mobile games and apps clients through the power of AI. Prior to wappier, she worked at Facebook Ireland (Ads, Data Science, Gaming), IBM Ireland as Data Science Leader for Europe, Accenture Greece, Microsoft Norway, and Ecole Polytechnique in France, leading data science and business insights projects. She is the co-founder of Lean In Greece: Women in Tech Global Circle and holds a PhD in Machine Learning for Online Advertising. Her vision is to inspire younger women that are just entering the STEM world, women who want to do a switch in their careers, and parents / family on how to empower the new generation. She wishes to drive a culture shift in matters such as parenthood and inclusion & diversity inside the innovative tech world.

Spyros Poulos (Maria)

My name is Spyros Poulos and my main occupation is leading the Business intelligence team of Marine Traffic. My other occupation is data science and business intelligence instructor. I teach in bootcamps with the team of BigBlue data academy and also for the Professional Diploma in Analytics that is co-organised by The American College of Greece (Deree) and BigBlue Academy. So  why do we meet less women in the technology world than men? Common barriers in history were traditions and stereotypes.  But this is not the case for the technology industry. Tech industry is flooded from ”young” companies with great culture and young professionals with no stereotypes in their minds , yet when a new position opens up, only 1 out of five CVs received come from a woman! Isn’t it strange that women did manage to increase their footprint in other traditional sectors, like finance, but not in technology?’

Eleutheria Marinou (Lilian)

Eleftheria Marinou is a Software Engineer at Citrix with a Master of Engineering from University of Patras. Currently, she is doing her second Master in Business Administration at Hellenic Open University. She also likes to engage in NGOs as a volunteer in Teams such as TEDx Patras and SISTECH where innovative ideas can be spread across the boards.

Goga Lambropoulou (Maria)

Goga Lampropoulou has been through many roles in her career from technical to team leading and management across multiple disciplines and two countries. Currently is a Senior Manager at Citrix in the area of Program management. What she enjoys most is bringing out the best in her teams and creating an environment for them to cooperate and shine, setting tough challenges and be present to guide and coach. She holds a Beng in Electronics and Communications Engineering from the Nottingham Trent University, an MSc in Communication and Signal Processing from the University of Bristol and a PGC in Management from the University of Bath.

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