Citrix Women and Greek Girls Code hosted the event “Tech for All: Busting the Myths” on Thursday, October 20, 2022. The keynote speaker was Myladie Stoumbou from Microsoft and the panel delved into a range of topics, including diversity in the tech industry, career growth opportunities, and the future of technology. Attendees were able to hear firsthand about the challenges and triumphs these professionals have faced and walked away with a deeper understanding of the tech industry and its potential for growth and innovation.


The Female Code Lab is a feminist workshop about programming and coding addressed to all women/feminities (*over 18 years old) interested in “sharpening” their digital skills by learning Python and R programming languages. Female Code Lab will take place online on 15 and 16 December 2021!

The first international symposium focusing on Greek Women Scientists
Celebrating Greek women in Science & Technology
4 Groups empowering women of greek heritage in STEM fields (Greek Girls Code, Greek Women in STEM, Real Science & Lean in Greece: Women in Tech) came together to bring a 3-day Symposium to you.

Nowadays, many institutions and organisations both in the public and private sector make decisions based on artificial intelligence (AI) systems using machine learning, whereby a series of algorithms takes and learns from massive amounts of data to find patterns and make predictions. 

Ο ΣΥΝΔΕΣΜΟΣ ΙΑΤΡΙΚΩΝ ΓΕΝΕΤΙΣΤΩΝ ΕΛΛΑΔΑΣ (ΣΙΓΕ) συνδιοργανώνει με την ομάδα κοινωνικής πρωτοβουλίας και κατάρτισης «Greek Girls Code» Διαδικτυακή εκπαιδευτική ημερίδα το Σάββατο 26/6/2021 με θέμα «Οι σύγχρονες ψηφιακές δυνατότητες προγραμματισμού και οι εφαρμογές τους στη Γενετική του Ανθρώπου».

Evangelia and Elpida virtually visited Aristotelio Secondary School in Serres to talk about the importance of coding in STEM

Super excited to be involved in a panel discussion for EU Code Week Teach Day on 22 May 2021 about diversity in coding. You can find out more about EU Code Week here and access the agenda here.

How to get digital skills with a Humanities background

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