Greek Girls Code is a social initiative and campaign dedicated to advancing Greek women in the fields of science, research, and technology.

The persistent gender disparity in STEM globally and in Greece is a pressing issue, and we are committed to bridging that gap.

We aim to do this through these actions:

  • Highlight Greek female scientists’ achievements through profiles, interviews, and weekly Twitter takeovers showcasing their work and day-to-day activities.
  • Workshops with tips for early career programmers
  • Mentoring for young women interested in pursuing a STEM career
  • Partner with tech companies and academic institutions to host coding bootcamps and hackathons exclusively for women.
  • Organize networking events for female STEM professionals to connect and collaborate on projects.
  • Develop and maintain a comprehensive online resource center for women in STEM, including articles, and videos on various topics.
  • Collaborate with schools and youth organizations to encourage girls to explore STEM subjects and careers.
  • Interviews with early career researchers, highlighting their work and achievements
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