Lilian Balatsou, PhD - ​Founder & General Editor
Lilian is a Cognitive Neuroscientist and Conversational Expert in the AI industry. Her doctoral work focused on the behavioural and neural underpinnings of single word production. She has a big interest in promoting women's rights in STEM and increasing female visibility in technology in Greece and with that in mind, she founded Greek Girls Code.
Elpida Vounzoulaki​-Head of Content

Elpida is a PhD Student in Diabetes Epidemiology at the University of Leicester, United Kingdom. Her research focuses on understanding how and why diabetes affects people and what we can do to prevent it. Elpida has a strong interest in communicating science to the public and making it accessible. She is an active STEM Ambassador for the WISE campaign and STEM UK aiming to inspire young people to follow a career in science and research.

Aspasia Destouni, PhD​-Head of Resources

Aspasia is a postdoctoral researcher in the field of reproductive genomics fascinated by zygotes, the totipotent single-cell foundation of a whole new organism. Her research focuses on translating new findings into precision medicine tools to assist couples with poor reproductive histories. She is passionate about advocating inclusiveness, diversity and equality in science.

Stavroula Karra - Website developer

Stavroula is a skilled software engineer with a passion for using her technical expertise to drive business success. Her background in applied mathematics and interest in data analysis gives her a unique perspective on problem-solving, while she is always eager to learn and grow. She is dedicated to promoting education and self-development for all, and she brings this drive for growth to every aspect of her life. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, reading books, traveling around the globe, and dancing lindy hop.

Alexandros Kourtis - Website Developer

Alexandros is an IT Major at The American College of Greece, Deree. He is passionate about creating software that produces a positive impact on organizations. He joined the GGC mission in order to take part, first hand, in the adventure of developing a more inclusive and diverse world. He likes to spend his free time volunteering, hiking, or listening to lots and lots of music.​

Eleni Provopoulou - Communications Manager

Innovative R&D Communications and PMO Specialist at Netcompany- Intrasoft, proud Social Entrepreneur and Co-founder of “Code it Like a Girl” , passionate ethelon SKG Project Manager and wistful TEDxAuth alumni. In other words a learnability driven tech and innovation lover, that combines characteristics of a digital geek and an eternally curious hackathon rookie. Fascinated by sharing ideas and perspectives. Adherent to sustainability and decarbonisation. Ardent to inspire people to explore new horizons. Courageous women (in tech) empowerment advocate. Eternal bookworm and MooC lover. Volleyball enthusiast. Master chef in the making.

Maria-Theodora Pandi-Repository Manager

Maria-Theodora is a PhD candidate at the Clinical Bioinformatics unit in Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam. Her research evaluates the potential of bioinformatics in assisting the collection of evidence supporting precision medicine and facilitating the integration of genome-guided treatment in clinical practice. She is also a member of R-ladies, and enjoys passing her love for R programming on to fellow researchers and mentoring them through their first steps in their journey into bioinformatics.

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