Evangelia Balatsou, PhD

Founder & General Editor

Evangelia is a Cognitive Neuroscientist and Consultant working in the AI industry. Her doctoral work focused on the behavioural and neural underpinnings of single word production. She has a big interest in promoting women’s rights in STEM and increasing female visibility in technology in Greece and with that in mind, she founded Greek Girls Code. In her spare time she reads poetry, collects vinyl records, travels across Europe and cooks.


Women who share the same passion for greater female visibility in STEM and frequently contribute to GGC with talks, workshops and conferences.

Elpida Vounzoulaki

Elpida is a PhD Student in Diabetes Epidemiology at the University of Leicester, United Kingdom. Her research focuses on understanding how and why diabetes affects people and what we can do to prevent it. Elpida has a strong interest in communicating science to the public and making it accessible. She is an active STEM Ambassador for the WISE campaign and STEM UK aiming to inspire young people to follow a career in science and research. In her spare time, she enjoys playing music and singing, while she is also a member of the Leicester University Theatre society.

Aspasia Destouni, PhD

Aspasia is a postdoctoral researcher in the field of reproductive genomics fascinated by zygotes, the totipotent single-cell foundation of a whole new organism. Her research focuses on translating new findings into precision medicine tools to assist couples with poor reproductive histories. She is passionate about advocating inclusiveness, diversity and equality in science. In her free time, she escapes to the sea and she “cheats” on science by reading science-fiction literature instead of papers and by hiding into art museums and galleries.

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